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Our customers who use SEPTICARE absolutely love it!

"No problems for 7 or 8 years. Thanks for a great product."
RH - E. Hampton, NY

"I have been using Septicare for the past 15 years and I'm sure that it has been responsible for providing me with a system that has yet to cause me any trouble. The septic system has been in place since 1984. Thank you Septicare"

"I am a returning customer and use your product regularly!!!! It is the most effective septic care system I have ever used!!! Bottom Line – GREAT PRODUCT!!!!""
JT - Goodyear, AZ

"bought house 2 yrs ago, house had been vacant. clogged tank, pumped it had odors- prob fixed , used up a lot and now reordering"
NK - Frewsburg, NY

"I am a happy returning customer. My first tub lasted a little over 5 years, and works wonderfully. No septic system problems!"
ES - Chaparral NM

"This is the 3rd time I have purchased this product and I am very satisfiedwith the results; it is amazing how this product eliminates the foul odors septic tanks have. I loved this product.""
HH - Grove OK

"I am a regular customer. I have never had to pump out tank except when tree roots broke supply line from house and had to be replaced to tank. The tank was pumped to see its condition and was essentially clean."
TG - Davie FL

"Returning customer! Love your product and over the long haul, the price can't be beat. I faithfully use it in our drains every month. Thanks for a great product."
JD - Port Jefferson, NY

"This is the third order of your product and the second residence."
CW - Laytonville, CA

i am a previous customer who is so happy with your product, that i am sending some to my brother, and i will be ordering more for myself during your next promotion thank you"
DW - Wilsons, VA

"We are a current customer, have ordered twice before this, love this product and the fact i only order every 5 years saves time and money."
SO - La Habra Heights, CA

"Since using your Septicare product, our septic tank and leach field problems are solved...we are very grateful and wish to express our appreciation to you for having such a fine product."
Mrs. R. Berthiaume - Loomis, CA.

"I am pleased with the performance of your product. I tested Septicare against two other septic treatment brands by putting half a teaspoon of Septicare in a glass, versus the other two. Your product was clearly the superior one... I will pass on your name to my friends."
Michael S. Hingle - Chesapeake Beach, MD.

"I usually refrain from writing glowing testimonials for any product, but you have amazed me beyond all comprehension. Your product is amazing, your price reasonable, your worth every penny. Please feel free to use my testimonial. I ask only that you do not use my last name."
Wendy K. - Malibu, CA.

"For 5 months I had to have my septic pumped every month. Since I began this product I have not pumped once in 6 months. THANK YOU."
Karen Bonner - Norfolk, MA.

"I am a Septicare customer in Connecticut. When I was first introduced to the product I experimented with it to judge its effectiveness, and was impressed. As a science advisor and physics instructor, I interested a few of the seventh grade students in the role of Septicare in the operation of septic systems. Septicare worked as advertised, and was a useful teachingtool."
William M. Schiffrin - Groton, CT.

"I have used Septicare and we are "out of Septicare" and would like to reorder. I can tell a difference since we have run out of Septicare. Odor from the sewers when I wash clothes. While I used Septicare this didin't happen."
Maria J. B. - Moundsville, West Virginia

"Please send ASAP. I have already used the product and love it. I will pay for the product upon receipt of the Septicare. My septic system is in need of your fine product! I originally heard about Septicare in 2000. I was researching septic tank issues over the Internet, and stumbled upon your product. Since you offered a no-risk free trial, I couldn't pass it up. I have been using the product regularly since. Thank you!"
Kimberly A. E. - Temecula, CA.

"I have used your product in the past and am very pleased. Please ship as soon as possible. Thanks!"

"Great product! I'm almost out of Septicare, so I need some more.""
George S. M. - Medfield, MA.

"I have been a Septicare user for a year and I'm very delighted with the results I have received from your product. I will tell all my neighbors of the value of using your product in their septic tanks."
Sam H. Franklin - New Hampshire

"Have used septicare before worked great. Would like to re-order using the 6 payment plan. Thank you."
Michael L O. - Wills Point, TEXAS

"Need to REORDER Septicare. Please contact me."
Carolyn E. - Oklahoma City, OK.

"We have been a customer/user of Septicare for over 10 years and need to reorder a five year supply. We have been very satisfied with your product."
Larry O. - South Windsor, CT.

"This has helped my parent's septic system & I would like to try on mine. Thanks"
Chris S. - Cleburne, TX.

"When I first learned of Septicare, I was skeptical at first, but your Q & A page of your website gave professional and convincing explanations that lead me to try it. It's a miracle! Within a week, the odor from our plumbing fixtures ceased. I have used Septicare every month for over a year now, and all of our problems with our septic system remain solved. Thank you so very much. I have recommended Septicare to all of my neighbors."
Mrs. John M.  - Theodore, AL.

"I'm already a Septicare user. Please send me another supply. Thank you !"
Albert L. B. - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Your product is, without doubt, the best and most effective thing we have used.  We have lived in this house for 12 years, and until trying Septicare, have always had trouble with our septic tank.  Septicare cured our problems, and we highly recommend it to anyone who has similar difficulty."
J & B A. - Anderson, Indiana

"I found the item on the internet. I was at first very skepticale about something that I found on the internet, but was willing to try it. I purchased the first five pounds to get the systen going and then another to continue the process. After using Septicare for an 1 1/2 years on a once a month scheduale I had the tank pumped and the man said it looked like it should. We have not had any more trouble with it. We just removed a tolet to replace it and I made the comment that it didn't have the foul oder that it had the last time we replace one. I'm sold on your product."

"Hello, I had to pump my septic tank 3 years in a row prior to buying your fantastic product in July of 2003. Since using septicare I have not had any problems at all with my septic tank so I am back now as a return customer and a true believer buying septicare again. Septicare may cost a little up front but it pays for it's self many times over in the long run. Thanks for a product that really does what it says it will."

"I moved into my house in July 2002; it's now 2006 and since using Septicare, I have not had to call for professional Septic Cleaning. I recommend Septicare to anyone with a septic tank. Small investment, positive results, less headache."

"I had a blind email sent to me about 5 years agao. In the springtime, I used to always get a septic smell and I really didn't want to pay $20000 for a new system. Some peopole say these septic cures don't work but since using septicare, the septic smell has no t been back and I feel confident my septic is working."
DL - Lima, NY

"Remind me next year at the same time.  We have enough remaining Septicare for twelve more months.  We are 18 years on our septic tank and it works beautiful without any maintenance up to now. Thanks for a great product. I had just moved into a home with a septic tank and didn't know much about it. I did a search on the web and one of the links that came up was your septic care. Not sure, of course, of how well your product was, I first stated to use RidX, but quickly changed over to septic care because of a recommendation of a friend. Your stuff does work. Forever a customer."
MW - Spanish Fork, Utah

"I have been using septicare for five years and it has worked beautifully. I am placing my order for the next five years supply now to get a 10 percent discount. Thank you septicare, all is well. "
WS - Edgewater, MD

"I originally found you with an internet web search of treating septic systems since I had never had one before and this one had odors and the owner said he used baking soda. Well that did not sound right so I searched and read your material and because it was so informative I tried it and have been very satisfied ever since."
RD - Mountain Center, CA

"i heard from mr.r. when i bought his house.that he used this product for years and never had a problem. so he left me some to try it out.so here i am getting some because i very happy with this product."
CG - Poughkeepsie, NY

"We had problems when we first moved into our house in February of 1999.  Once I ordered your product and started using it as directed we have only had one backup and that was due to too much rain in the ground.  I'm on my second box and it's great not having to worry about my septic system.  Thanks for making this product available at a reasonable price."
JDR - Ottawa, Kansas

"I opened and inspected my septic tank after using septicare for 4plus years and it worked just like you advertise. My tank was totally liquified and do not need to have it pumped out. My system seems to be working perfectly- Thanks."

"I heard about Septicare through my E-Mail it has kept my septic tank continue to operat correctly for the last 4yrs"
RGS - Litchfield Pk, AZ

"I heard of the product over 5 years ago and do not remember just how. But I will say this, the product works very well. I preformed a suggested test at the time of receiving my last order which worked as advertised and later found out that it will also clean and keep clean clogged slow running drains. It is a great product and well worth the price. It has saved me plumbing fees for years. Thank you for developing SeptiCare"
LB - Mesa, AZ

"I have been using septicare for the last four years on a system that is over 50 years old and have been very satisfied with it's performance."
VB - Roselle, NJ

"I heard about your company from a friend about 5 years ago. This is my second order. It has worked great. I have passed your name on to other friends"
JM - Portland, OR

"I went online and searched septic care, and found your product which saved us thousands of dollars in septic repair. We swear by your product."
PS - Gettysburg, PA

"Great product!
You sent us a free sample of Septicare on the internet a little over 3 years ago . We use it at home and also at our cabin in the mountains. Had problems with our septic systems until we used Septicare. Those big tablets for septic systems are a joke! The absolutely best septic tank additive we\'ve ever used!! Thank you for a great and economical money saving product!"
J&J - Chatsworth, CA

"I found you on the internet about 4 or 5 years ago. This is my second order. I have also told some of my neighbors about your product and I some have told me they ordered. I live in a housing development with 247 homes that have septic tanks."
DK - Orlando, FL

"Saw the product on the internet;have been using septicare past several years.Very well pleased."
FC - Cape Coral, FL

"I have used Septicare for several years and it has spared me thousands of dollars in an elaborate new system! I am profoundly grateful. I learned about you thru the Internet. What a godsend. It worked."
A.O.H. - Monterey, MA

"We have been using Septicare since we moved into our home in 2000. The man that comes to pump out our septic tank has commented that whatever we are using it is working wonderfully because there is very little waste to pump out. We told him we use Septicare. It does work"
D.A.S. - Sykesville, MD

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