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What is Septicare?

SEPTICARE is an enzyme-bacteria product used as a drain cleaner and sewage treating agent in the home and in industrial, commercial and municipal installations. Enzymes are chemically organic catalysts. Catalysts are defined as substances that will speed up or alter the rate of chemical reactions without the substance being altered or used up in the process.

The process by which complex organic compounds, in the presence of water and enzymes, are broken down or transformed into simpler compounds is known as digestion or hydrolysis. Enzymes speed up the union of water with a substance, after which the substance breaks up into fragments. Enzyme action is specifically targeted. For example, protein-splitting enzymes will affect only proteins and not fats or carbohydrates. The enzymes contained in SEPTICARE are amylases, protease, cellulase and lipase.

SEPTICARE is approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in sewage and/or drain lines of official establishments operating under the Federal meat, poultry and egg products inspection program. Also, each production batch is certified salmonellae and E. Coli free.

Bacteria utilize enzymes to prepare organic waste as a food. Bacteria are organisms classified as harmful (pathogens) and harmless (non-pathogens). The bacteria included in SEPTICARE are harmless (nonpathogenic). In addition, the bacteria can live with or without oxygen, (aerobic and anaerobic). Thus, the product is suitable for application in areas where oxygen is either present or absent. The bacterial cultures contained in SEPTICARE are a select strain ideally suited to thrive in onsite sewage and/or waste management systems. The bacteria in SEPTICARE include the following: Ruminococcus albus, Bactaoides ruminicola, Bactaoides succinoges, Lactobacillus bifidobacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus sub tiles. There are 2.5 billion bacteria per gram of SEPTICARE.

When placed in the system, the cultures will double their population density each twenty minutes. This growth, in effect, doubles the digestive capacity of the system. Since bacteria are complex living organisms, and enzymes are, as for all living things, essential and vital for their well being, preservatives, enzyme activators, chlorine and heavy metal scavengers have been added as an integral part of the SEPTICARE formulation. Every effort has been made to apply the latest technology in the basic system.

SEPTICARE is unique in that each ingredient is functional or contributes to the biodegradation process. This basic backbone formulation is used in each modification prepared for specific end use. Whatever the end-use may be, from maintaining onsite sewage disposal systems to hydrolyzing specific proteins, optimum conditions are always provided.

Why the need for SEPTICARE in the home and in industrial and commercial facilities?

Homeowners have tried the addition of large amounts of acids, lye or caustic compounds. They may temporarily burn away some of the clogging material but the ultimate result is damaging. Such chemicals kill bacteria on contact, and that puts an end to their liquefying process upon which septic tanks and cesspools depend. Furthermore, this procedure loosens chunks of solids that can flow into the drainage pipes and cause soil decomposition, breaking down the soil into fine particles that pack together, reducing the ability of the septic tank or cesspool effluent to seep into the soil. When the bacteria within a septic tank or cesspool are abused or destroyed, a decrease occurs in the digestive and liquefaction ability of organic material that the household flushes into the waste disposal system. The solids rise to a point that blocks the inlet-outlet pipes. When these pipes get clogged, the waste material of the household cannot be flushed out. Sinks, tubs and toilets back up and an overflow occurs.

When your septic tank system is out of balance, that’s when the “time bomb” stops ticking. Without enough enzymes and bacteria to liquefy waste buildup, the hardened matter accumulates in your septic tank, eventually causing clogs on vital lines in your leach fields. If it’s neglected, it’ll end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.

FACT: Only 4 scoops of SEPTICARE can liquefy up to 100 pounds of waste overnight.

FACT: The SEPTICARE formula of 4 enzymes and 6 non-pathogenic bacteria assures complete elimination of septic tank and cesspool problems.

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