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Dear Fellow Septic Owner:

I was living on 5 acres, and I had never treated my septic system. What a mistake that was. One day I noticed a fairly large smelly wet spot in the front lawn over the leach field. I realized I had a septic problem. So I did what most people do when they see a septic problem - I called my septic pumper. He pumped me out and the wet spot started to get smaller. I figured I had licked the problem.

Unfortunately, the improvement lasted for exactly one month and then the wet spot came back. When I called the pumper and told him what had happened, he said the fact that it came right back again meant the leach field was shot and the only solution was to install a new one. When I asked the cost and he said $7500, I was shocked. This happened about 25 years ago. That’s about $20,000 in today’s money. I told him to hold off.

I began to research the problem to find another solution. After some library work and phone calls (this was before google), I located a company in the Midwest that made a bacteria and enzyme product for municipal sewer systems. I figured if that material could eat up the nasty stuff in a large municipal system, it might work on what was giving me trouble.

To make a long story short, I purchased their product and had a long talk with their chemist. He suggested diluting the powder in water and sprinkling it over the wet spot each day for about a week to 10 days. I did as he suggested and in less than a week the wet spot was gone. I was amazed. I had saved thousands! As he also suggested, I flushed a scoop of the powder (2 oz.) down the toilet just once a month. The wet spot came back slightly after 4 months, so I repeated the sprinkling over the spot. Once again, I got rid of the wet spot. I continued to use 1 scoop a month thereafter and I never had another problem with the septic system.

That was when I decided to start the Septicare Company. I packaged the material to make it available for consumers, and as they say, the rest is history. I’m proud to say we have received thousands of unsolicited emails in our file we call “fan mail.” It’s very gratifying!
Don’t make the same mistake I made and ignore your septic system. Join our Septicare family and maintain your system on a regular basis and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Arnie, Owner, Septicare, Inc.

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